Meditation Benefits The Urge To React Impulsively

Meditation Benefits | Take Responsibility For Your Feelings And Emotions By Practicing MeditationOh how this world would be a much more enjoyable place if we all learned to do what our mother’s told us: think before we act, or rather, react. But alas, thanks to that reptilian brain operating inside each one of us, we project upon one another all of our insecurities and doubts and then blame the external world for our own negative feelings toward ourselves. A dismal thought really. It would be even more dismal if we didn’t know we were doing it. And even more so if we didn’t have meditation to offer a beneficial solution.

Kathryn Goetzke, in this recent Psych Central post, takes a look at this reaction impulse and how meditation benefits people by teaching how to sit with feelings and emotions and not impulsively throwing them out for all the world to care for. According to Goetzke, who uses her own experience with meditation and impulsivity as basis for her post, learning to sit with strong emotions by practicing meditation enables a person to see that they won’t die from them and that they will pass.

Continuing to practice my meditation will help me:

  • Reduce my impulsivity; I don’t have to act NOW, no matter how strong that desire inside me feels.
  • Stop running from my emotions; Sitting through the anxiety, discomfort, anger, frustration, and everything else I might feel, is OK.  It all passes.
  • Allow me to live more in the moment; I don’t have to be rushing around to feel productive, what I am really searching for in that productivity is peace within.

Read more from Goetzke on how meditation benefits the ability to slow down and think before acting here.

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