Meditation Benefits Those Who Apply It To Their Lives

Meditation | To Achieve Maximum Meditation Benefits Apply Mindfulness To Your LifeMeditation can be thought of as you would weight training. You aren’t going to get strong mindfulness muscles unless you actually practice, practice and practice. Moreover, meditation isn’t just about sitting in your house on some pillow staring at a candle. No, meditation is also a discipline intended to be brought out into the world for everyone to take their best shot at trying to knock you off your mindful game.

Toni Bernhard in her latest Psychology Today post references those meditation benefits intended for people who take their mindfulness practice and apply it to their lives. Apart from resting our minds and helping us to get out of ourselves, taking mindfulness out into the world frees us from judgement and opens our hearts as we begin to see the world as one big adventure.

Mindfulness frees us from judgment. Non-judgmental awareness of whatever presents itself to the senses is a key feature of mindfulness. We become friendly and impartial observers, free to put down the heavy burden of judging. In this way, mindfulness is a doorway to equanimity because the essence of equanimity is being calmly present in the midst of both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. Note: This doesn’t mean we wouldn’t take action to prevent harm to ourselves or another. Mindfulness, like all Buddhist practices, is intended to alleviate suffering. We know when to abandon our impartial observation and grab a child who’s about to step out into traffic!

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