Meditation Benefits With Equine Therapy

Meditation | Equine Therapy Offers Meditation Benefits To Those With PTSDWhen it comes to meditation, most know that it’s not the way you practice that matters. What is important is that the way you do facilitates an opportunity to be with yourself so that you can learn about yourself, and in the process hopefully heal. With those individuals suffering from the effects of PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder, finding gentle, yet strong ways to cultivate this internal reparative relationship is vital.

Stephanie Gates pens this recent Daily Camera post on a group helping veterans suffering with PTSD in Boulder, CO who are using equine therapy to successfully practice mindfulness and meditation in an attempt to repair the damage done from the memories of war. Not only do vets benefit from riding the horses, but also from being responsible for their care and upkeep.

“The Fearless Victory Project is designed to put veterans with PTSD back in nature, with horses, where they can practice mindfulness and meditative techniques that are scientifically proven to reduce the biological symptoms of PTSD,” says Executive Director Kathy Johnson. “Veterans form relationships with wild mustangs who have also faced their own trauma of being torn from their families, chased by helicopters and trapped in holding pens. When veterans help us train the horses, the horses act as therapists to the vets, and reciprocal healing occurs.”

Read more on how meditation benefits are being had by veterans using equine therapy here.

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