Meditation Creating A Bridge Between Complementary Treatments And Traditional Medicine

Meditation | Use Meditation In Conjunction With A Traditional Health RegimentWhen it comes to getting sick, most turn to Western medicine to fix the problem at hand. Considering the culture in which we live, that isn’t much of a surprise. What is a surprise is a new study recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine which found that more and more people today are being referred to complimentary practices like meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, and deep breathing by their Western medicine physicians.

Laura Schocker pens this recent Huffington Post on the use of complimentary practices like meditation to support conventional medicine. According to Schocker, an increase in these practice might be, in part, due to an increase in scientifically based studies on the benefits of complementary practices.

One reason may be the relatively recent body of research on how various mind-body treatments can be helpful, healthy additions to traditional treatment programs for certain conditions, including anxiety and depression, headaches, chronic pain, cardiac disease, insomnia and treatment-related symptoms of cancer, Nerurkar says.

The researchers also found that the patients who were seeking out mind-body treatments at the recommendation of a medical provider were those who typically had more diagnosed conditions and used the health-care system more often. Nerurkar says one reason that may be is that providers are referring their more complex patients once other treatments have failed — and this concept may lead to future research studies about what would happen if these complementary programs were offered earlier on in the treatment process.

Read more from Schocker on meditation and how it can compliment a more traditional health regiment here.

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