Meditation Drives The Vehicle Inward

Meditation | Use Meditation To Experience FreedomIn a culture in which most of us, more often than not, look outside ourselves for happiness and validation, turning to practices like meditation can seem somewhat foreign. Truth be told, a majority of us have spent most of our lives defending from having to turn within. Unfortunately, as many studies show, this stance toward oneself only breeds unhappiness, confusion, and disease.

In this latest Huffington Post, Ed and Deb Shapiro provide follow-up to their recent meditation post in which they discuss how meditation rises naturally and shouldn’t necessarily follow a strict set of techniques. According to the Shapiros, people experience disappointment by focusing outside of themselves rather than connecting to freedom found in the moment. Meditation changes the direction of a person’s awareness.

In other words, meditation is not about reaching higher states of consciousness, having visions, or even or feeling good — although that is fine if it does happen. It is just about stopping and being with whatever arises, whether good or not so good. It is about freedom in this very moment! We are all part of the same all pervading conscious.

Read more from Ed and Deb Shapiro on how to use meditation as a vehicle of transformation here.

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