Meditation For Business

Meditation | Practicing Meditation In Business Can Lead To Increased ProfitsThe bad news, if you believe that life has a destination you are probably going to spend a lot of time dealing with disappointment. The good news, that life isn’t a destination but rather a journey full of ups and downs, lefts and rights. And while people might not enjoy hearing the latter statement, at least you’ll never get bored!

That said, how do you deal with the less-than-static definition of existence and how the heck can that be used to your benefit in the business world?

In this latest post, Whitefield Consulting takes a look at the dynamic nature of life and how meditation can be used to harness that power. According to Andrew Scharf, how you behave in meditation can dictate how you act in the business world.

All our journeys consist of ups and downs. The highway of life in both personal and professional terms gives room to enjoy the scenery. The practice of meditation allows us to experience the texture of the journey not with “eyes wide shut”. It is a practice, which puts the tools of understanding into our laps where there is no room for complaint.

A good starting point is to take an easy approach to the subject. Begin by sitting down and assume a cross-legged position on the ground. Try to keep your back straight in a natural way. Touch the ground with your right hand and let the earth bear witness to this natural and self-sustaining act. The ground is solid, and hence it lends a sense of reassurance that your current role is workable

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