Meditation In A Kentucky Marsh?

For those of you always on the hunt for something inspiring to listen to during your meditation practice, check out this latest post from The Music of Nature. which focuses on the chorus that occurs during the night hours in a Kentucky Marsh.

Lang Elliott and her site provide nature music fit for any meditation practice. Previous recordings include the grasshopper sparrow, the winter wren, the American Robin, and a host of brooks and streams.

When it comes to soundscapes, the night choruses interest me most, and especially the remarkable array of sounds heard in marshes and swamps. Wherever I go, I seek out wetlands and the magic they hold.

I made the following recording in the spring of 1995 at a favorite swampy area in Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky. It was nearly midnight. Whip-poor-wills, Spring Peepers, and distant Chorus Frogs provided a satisfying backdrop for a big surprise: the alarm calls of a two White-tailed Deers, whose airy snorts echo across the marsh in the dark of the night.

Checkout Elliott’s nature music soundscapes here.

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