Meditation Is Number One When It Comes To Stress

Meditation | Not Using Meditation To Deal With Stress Can Lead To Long Term ProblemsIf you’ve lived on this planet for a bit, you’re aware of stress. And even if you haven’t, you’re probably aware of it, just not consciously. Stress occurs in the body when we experience some event or interaction without the proper emotional resources needed to tolerate that experience. And although sometimes stress can be motivating, it also has a nasty shadow component to it that when not kept in check, can lead to long term emotional and physical problems.

Jenni Sunde pens this recent Dr Pullen post on the health benefits of meditation. Number one is how a meditation practice can help you to deal with and manage the type of stress that weighs you down and at times, renders you completely useless. Sunde bases her post on current research being done by Charles L. Raison, MD, clinical director of the Mind-Body program at Emery University School of Medicine in Atlanta.

Charles L. Raison, MD is the clinical director of the Mind-Body program at Emery University School of Medicine in Atlanta and has participated in a study on just how meditation can improve physical and emotional responses to stress.  What he has found is that stress reduction is the key component of the health benefits of meditation.  No matter who the patient is they will benefit from stress reduction because it will enable their minds and bodies to better handle any health issues that may be present.  Even if the only concern is an inability to sleep, meditation can help with that too.

Stress is a contributor to all major modern killers like cancer.  When you think about it, it is actually quite hard to have a disease that does not include or create stress in some way.  In severe cases, stress can even be a cause of the ailment.  Finding a way to minimize or remove stress altogether can only be of great benefit to the entirety of a person’s health.

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