Meditation Is The New Frat Party

Well maybe not entirely, but it’s getting close.

As more and more people acknowledge the positive benefits of meditation, the healing technique’s reach continues to grow. And this influence is having a big impact on the younger generation especially when it comes to finding healthy ways to deal with college stressors.

Take this recent Huffington Post from Raymond Schillinger. In it, Schillinger describes his own journey down the meditation path at Georgetown University’s John Main Center. The center, which was originally established as a non-denominational place for students to come together to practice silent meditation, is now the model for many other colleges and universities around the country looking to institute similar programs.

The model of Georgetown’s center is spreading to other universities, where informal meditation groups are being officially recognized and given access to campus space. Many schools are incorporating meditation directly into both wellness and spirituality initiatives, recognizing the low cost and high returns of sponsored contemplative spaces. Meanwhile, initiatives such as the WCCM’s Meditatio program are exploring the use of meditation as an experimental tool for peaceful reconciliation of political conflict, for education at the primary and secondary levels, for developing healthier work environments in the business world, and for individuals recovering from addiction and mental disease.

Read more about the John Main Center and how it’s helping to promote meditation to a younger generation here.

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