Meditation Music Can Help To Open Your Chakras

Meditation | Music Can Enhance Your Meditation PracticeAlthough for many a meditation practice is about doing whatever they can to find that one spot in their house that provides the least amount of distraction, one type of meditation incorporates sound to enhance the journey. Music meditation is a popular practice due to its ability to open the body’s energy centers so that meditators can experience openings at a much subtler level.

Tina Ranieri pens this recent Examiner post on chakra music and its use with trauma survivors. According to Ranieri, music causes higher vibrations with a person, so much so that afterward they are left feeling strengthened and with greater consciousness.

Chakra music and singing is performed to open the chakras and repair any tears that may have occured due to tramas that may have happened in your life. Over the time that the music is playing, specific songs can be done one at a time or in a series so that when finished, your chakras are open and charged leaving you vibrating at a higher resonance and feeling strengthened.

Color in the aura is related to sound, certain tones produce colors in the energy field and is used in healing.  Energy surrounds and permeates every thing and we absorb it through our enrgy centers called chakras. Chakra is mixture of the energy present in every cell of the body and the spiritual energy gained from exercise and experience

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