Meditation Now Approved For British Royalty

As much as some people would like to believe that because Prince William and Kate Middleton are royalty they don’t have problems, think again. With the magical date just around the corner, the final preparations are being made. Here’s a question: I wonder if any consideration has been made for what to do when marital bliss begins to wane?

According to this latest This Is London post from Joey Severn, one person has and his answer is simple: meditation. Bogoda Seelawimala, the most senior Buddhist monk in Britain who is invited to the ceremony told the couple that daily meditation will lead to a happy marriage.

The first Buddhist monk to be invited to a royal wedding has advised Prince William and Kate Middleton to meditate daily for a happy marriage…

…He said: “Discuss your problems and meditate together each morning to empty the mind of all your problems”…

…But the head of Britain’s 150,000 Buddhists also warned the couple to “set an example”, reminding them that they were role models.

Read more from Severn on Seelawimala’s meditation suggestion for the Royal couple here.

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