Meditation Pays Dividends By Following 5 Easy Steps

Meditation | A Meditation Practice Can Greatly Affect Your Health And Well BeingWe all know that meditation can greatly affect our overall health and well being. And while for many, finding the time to actually sit down for 15 to 20 minutes of purposeful inward reflection can be challenging, when it comes to an alternative healing practice that can categorically positively influence both your relationship with self as well as others, meditation is one such practice.

In this latest Branford Patch post, Deborah St. Thomas takes a look at meditation and yoga teacher Larry Terkel and his new book, How To Meditate. According to Terkel, meditation’s influence on your life is directly proportional to the amount of time you dedicate to your meditation practice. He suggests five easy steps to keep in mind when learning to meditate:

Make It a Daily Practice

Set aside ten minutes of your day to meditate. Relax and focus on your breathing.  I find first thing in the morning works well, but ten minutes anytime of day is great. Whatever fits into your schedule is what will work best for you.

Establish a Routine

If possible, meditate at the same time everyday. Soon you mind and body will be expecting this special time.

Acknowledge Your Thoughts

Everyone leads a busy life and in today’s modern society, multi-tasking tends to be the norm and we are always thinking. Larry’s relaxed and realistic approach suggests we acknowledge the many thoughts that come to mind as we meditate. However, he recommends telling them to wait until the meditation time is over with the promise to re-visit them at that point.

Keep a Pad Handy

When you have finished meditating, keep your promise! Spend a few moments jotting down whatever thoughts came to you. You may even find solutions to problems as a course of action becomes clear.

Give Yourself Permission to Meditate

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