Meditation, Take Me Away!

Meditation | Meditation Gives Perspective On One's LifeIf you were born in the 70’s or 80’s, you’re probably familiar with the Calgon commercial that showed an attractive woman hanging out in a bathtub chanting the phrase, “Calgon, take me away!” Heck, it might even still be on TV? The point is we human beings don’t like pain or frustration. Sure they’re great motivators, but if we had to choose, I’m sure they wouldn’t be on the top of anyone’s feeling list.

The good news is that like Calgon, meditation takes you away. Even better, the alternative practice helps to give perspective on one’s life and the issues that a person is needing to be taken away from in the first place.

Susan Scott Morales takes a look at the benefits of meditation and it’s ability to release tension and more in this recent Ann Arbor post. According to Morales, the results from meditation are numerous. The point is that it helps a person rest within themselves in a way that allows for the goodness within to more easily come forth.

Why else do I meditate? The reasons came rushing forth, but they all came down to this:
It makes me a happier person.

After years of watching me meditate every morning my husband said, “There must be something to this meditation. Our lives are so much better.”

What he didn’t say, but what I understood, was that I am more relaxed, more spontaneous, less critical. In essence, I’m easier to be with. I have found that I’m easier to be with also. I’m more patient with myself and with my mistakes. My mind is clearer when making all kinds of choices from the personal to the professional. I’m kinder and more generous to others, too.

Read more from Morales on the benefits of meditation here.

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