Meditation With Gongs

Meditation | Gong Vibrations Can Enhance Your Meditation PracticeFor most of us, meditation is done in silence. Practicing meditation in a quiet environment not only tends to allow a person to focus within more easily, but avoiding distraction can help a person to explore more deeply their internal environment. And while this is the preferred method when it comes to cultivating meditation, for some, using bells and gongs seem to add to the practice.

Jayme Kunze pens this recent Tolland Patch post on the use of gongs during meditation, According to Kunze, the goal when using gongs, singing bells, and ocean drums is to find your breath, relax, and let go despite the potential distraction. The Conduit Center in East Hartford believes that adding subtle vibrations to a person’s journey brings a soothing effect that enhances meditation.

Cerrigione said that listeners often return for another concert and  take away something new from each session.

“Each individual, each time they do it, it’s a different experience,” he said, explaining that the concerts can soothe pain and enhance meditation.

This might be due to the great sensitivity of the gongs, which respond to humidity and the size of the crowd with subtle changes in vibrations.

Breathe…more owner Cherie Trice said that the center has hosted the concerts before. She finds the gongs to be both a method of relaxation and a pathway to meditation for beginners.

“We find that it’s a wonderful way to end the week,” she said. “And it’s a wonderful introduction to meditation. You never know what it might touch.”

Read more from Kunze on using gongs and other musical instruments during meditation here.

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