Meditation Yoga And Music Promote Healing

Meditation | Balance Your 7 Chakras With Meditation Yoga And MusicWhile most know that a combination of meditation and yoga can exponentially facilitate an increase in the overall health and well being of a person, what some might not realize is that by throwing music into the healing mix, you might just launch yourself off the wellness chart…in a good way.

While yoga and meditation are two practices that help to open up different parts of the body, both physically and mentally, a little thing known in music as the Mozart Effect can help balance your body’s 7 chakras and bring about harmony on an energetic level.

In this recent Times of India post, Dr Asha Mandpe interviews Dr Shrikant Bodas, a homeopathic practitioner and proponent of the multi-pronged healing approach who recently brought the practice to students in India as a way for them to build confidence.

“Musical notes help harmonize the body and psychosomatic diseases, where mind is the cause of illness. Meditation and Yoga help to canalize body energy. There are seven chakras in our body and they can be stimulated by certain notes and Ragas,” stated Dr Joshi.

Dr Joshi is a homeopathy practitioner and has mastered the art of singing. He regularly organises music workshops for different age groups. He conducted a demonstration about the effect of musical notes where he sang selected composition in different Ragas. He used Raga Bhimpalas to stimulate the first chakra, Raga Des for the second, Yaman for the third, Rageshre for the fourth, Kedar for the fifth, Darbari for the sixth and Bhairavi for the seventh. He said, “Each Chakra governs different parts of the body and when we stimulate the chakras, it harmonies the body and helps us feel good. The seventh chakra relates to the spiritual quotient and meditation like bliss to health.” Dr Joshi kept students engaged by telling them moral stories and jokes and the pleasant atmosphere helped to enrich the musical effect.

Read more about how meditation, yoga, and music promote health and well being here.

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  1. Kane says:

    Both Yoga and meditation take breathing as one of the most important things, and both them let you relax when you practice. The right music can help meditation and yoga too.