Meditation + Yoga + The College Experience

Meditation | Meditation Can Help Give You A More Clear PerspectiveThe days of college being solely a place to party and socialize (and hopefully learn a thing or two) are over. College (at least at UNC) now presents the opportunity to focus within and forge a relationship with yourself.

UNC Tar Heel Matthew Moran gives a fresh college perspective on the need for meditation and yoga, almost bringing a wise-beyond-his-years tone that I’m sure most of us wish we had back when (but hey this is a different time). Whether its a meditation or yoga practice or walking around campus or sitting in a classroom…its all about meditation.

Mindfulness is a concept inextricably linked to meditation, involving nonjudgmental, centered awareness. When we criticize our surroundings or ourselves we miss out on the de-stressing benefits of being mindful.

And when we let our minds wander to other topics, we may also set ourselves up for a bad mood later on. Surprising new research in Science magazine has indicated that daydreaming might actually make people sadder.

The moral is: Mindful focus is good for you; unbridled reverie is bad. And while most of us can’t escape to the Himalayas to drink tea and ponder, all of us can (and should) afford ourselves some time for meditation. Thousands of guided audio exercises, some as short as five minutes, are available online. UNC Counseling and Wellness Services even offer group meditation classes.

Read more from Moran on his college perspective here.




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