Mind Body Meditation Techniques For Cancer

Meditation | Meditation Supports A Strong Relationship With SelfIf you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or know someone who has, you know how scary a time it can be. Dealing with all the fear and anxiety over diagnosis, treatment, and results can leave a person with barely enough energy in which to operate. And while it’s important to have solid external support when one is battling cancer, having a strong internal relationship with oneself can, in all reality, mean the difference between life and death.

Practicing mind and body techniques like meditation in which to foster this relationship not only helps with the fear but can also help you to get at the deeper meaning behind your diagnosis.

Checkout this latest Cancer Care post on relaxation and mind body practices aimed at helping a person cope with cancer. According to the article, deep breathing exercises can be used to rejuvenate the body while guided imagery can settle the mind. Use several different types of meditation to bring awareness to both the mind and body.

MEDITATION Repetitive prayers are a form of meditation. Two other traditional forms of meditation include “one-pointed” and “two-pointed” meditation.

One-pointed meditation focuses on a word or sound called a mantra. Many people create their own mantra from an affirming word, such as “peace,” “love” or “hope.” Once you choose a mantra, find a safe, The goal is to relax the mind, which has a natural tendency to jump from one idea to the next – and from one worry to the next. Do not try to force your mind back to your mantra when you notice it has wandered. Simply guide it back gently, accepting that it will stray again.

Two-pointed meditation is also called “mindful” or “insight” meditation. With this technique, you relax your mind by focusing on your breath. As your mind jumps around, practice “non-judgmental awareness” – simply observe the pattern of your thoughts and gently guide them back to focus on your breath. Non-judgmental awareness allows you to separate yourself from emotions and sensations rather than getting pulled into them. One benefit of this type of meditation is that you can practice it while seated quietly or when doing daily activities.

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