Mind Control And Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Gain Inner PeaceWe all meditate for our own unique reasons. While some do it to decrease stress and anxiety, others focus on the more spiritual aspects and use a practice to cultivate a deep relationship with something that really can’t be spoken about, only experienced. Back in the late 60’s, however, a little book called Helping Yourself with Psycho Cosmic Power by AG Manning hit the scene which outlined how one could use meditation to control the world.

James Altucher, in this recent Business Insider post, takes us on a nostalgic and innocent journey back to his childhood where Altucher used Manning’s book, admittedly, to see girls naked. While that didn’t quite happen, what he did get was a taste of inner peace that he brought forth into his adult life.

I now look back at Manning’s technique and realize it’s not overly different from many yoga or Buddhist techniques described for meditation. He just did his own repackaging for the masses and I don’t blame him. He basically said, “meditate for 15 minutes twice a day, and then ask for what you want from the Universe. And then trust that what you ask for will appear.” Believe it or not, I actually think its not a bad approach. (30 years later its similar to my Daily Practice). He made a living at it. And probably a very good living…

…But sometimes I remember those 20-30 minutes every day from 30 years ago. Where for just a few seconds every day I wanted nothing more than to just sit in the total darkness with nobody bothering me. No school. No parents. No siblings. No worries. The silence of dead surburbia. Ever since then, the world has been aflame. And my mind has forgotten how to put out the fire.

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