Mind The Gap

If you are in London, mind the gap means one thing. If you a meditator, it means something completely different. And if you are just beginning a meditation practice, then you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Mind the gap refers to the space that exists prior to thought. Connecting to this space is one of the goals of meditation.

In this Deepak Chopra Q & A post from Intent, Chopra explains the idea behind the phrase mind the gap. According to Chopra, this gap is where creative potentiality exists. It is prior to thought and well before the spoken word. The good news is that it’s already an essential part of you, accessible at any time, just waiting to be discovered.

When we meditate, our mind thinks a mantra, and the inherent nature of the mind takes that experience to more subtle and refined levels of experience. As that process continues and the impulse of the mantra fades away to nothingness, the mind is left awake to itself. In that state it is without any mental content—thought, feeling or intention. This is the gap. This transcendent realm is pregnant with every possibility. This experience in meditation often only lasts for an instant before a random thought pops into the mind and you realize you are not thinking the mantra anymore. Then you start the process of settling down with the mantra anew.

Read more from Chopra on minding the gap here.

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