Mindful Breathing Promotes Peace!

Although there are numerous ways to meditate, using the breath to help you get into the moment to appreciate the “now-ness” of it all is by far one of the most effective. And the best thing about using your breath to initiate a meditative stance is that it can be done at home, school, or work.

In her latest Huffington Post, Melissa Kirsch points out that if someone can breath, they can meditate. Using her own experience of how multiple times during her busy day she will notice that she is barely breathing, Kirsch reassures us that it’s nothing to be alarmed at as her condition is indicative of someone most of us unconsciously struggle with: breathing consciously.

Kirsch goes on to point out how if a person (including herself) can become aware of taking a mere 10 mindful breaths when they find themselves in overly busy situations, that the possibility exists to regain your calmness and serenity by placing yourself back in the moment.

Just the concept of “taking a breath” can be enormously helpful in a stressful job. Before a meeting, or before speaking or even checking an e-mail, one deep, meditative breath can settle your mind. I’ve had the experience of being in a meeting where people are jockeying to get their opinions heard, and I get that familiar surge of adrenaline that tells me to get in the fray, to sound off. Meditation helps me to accept what is happening, to listen and observe what’s going on in the room, to exist without having to bark my opinion and to suspend my compulsive need to change a situation.

Read more from Kirsch on her breathing meditation here.

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