Mindfulness Meditation And Your Full Attention

Meditation | Bring Your Attention To The Present With Mindfulness MeditationFor some, meditation seems like a daunting proposition. The truth is, sitting quietly while focusing within can bring up many unresolved feelings and thoughts begging for attention. Unfortunately, Western society isn’t well versed in the practice. As a result, many preconceived ideas are brought to meditation that prohibit one from actually getting down to the business of meditating.

Bridget Rolens addresses one misconception about meditation and mindfulness in this recent Evening Tribune post. According to Rolens, most people don’t realize that they already practice a form of mindfulness meditation. Simply referring to giving your full attention to your behavior in the moment, mindfulness allows a person to move toward acceptance of what is, rather than what one thinks it should be.

Being mindful means focusing your attention fully on what you are experiencing in the present moment with an aware, balanced acceptance. You are aware of physical sensations in your body: tasting, touching, hearing, smelling and seeing. You are aware of how you feel emotionally.  You are aware of what you are thinking in the present moment.

You meet your experience without judgment or expectation of how it should be and, instead, embrace it just as it is.  You bring that same non-judgmental awareness to yourself. Your body, emotions and thoughts are in the present moment, no matter what is going on or how we are reacting.

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