Mindfulness Meditation The Ultimate Time Saver

Meditation Benefits | Use Mindfulness Meditation To Reframe Your TimeIf you’re like most, on any given day you find yourself rushing. Attempting to move at lightening speed from one thing to the next, one chief complaint that most people have is a lack of time. And unfortunately if you’ve checked lately, there’s only 24 hours in a day. Now whether you like it or not, something tells me that’s not going to change anytime soon.

In an attempt to expand our mindfulness about the lack of time, Lama Surya Das provides new perspective on it in this recent Huffington Post. According to Lama Surya Das, it’s not really true that a person lacks time. Rather what one lacks, is focus, awareness, and a clear understanding of priorities. Using mindfulness and meditation to help to consciously reframe our experience, Lama Surya Das provides 6 time management tips.

Conscious Reframing

Sometimes it only takes a simple re-framing of our mental outlook to change our lives. I remember discovering that I could consciously and intentionally turn the interruptive chore of walking the dog twice a day into my time, and it became the best hour of my day. My loyal blond canine companion, Lili, taught me to re-frame dog walking as meditation. I could be with nature; befriend the world, my neighbors, and myself; develop a more inclusive attitude; and even get a little exercise. All it required was a small adjustment in consciousness and perspective. I call this conscious re-framing. It’s easy, free and extraordinarily rewarding.

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