Music And Meditation Unite

It’s well known that music can influence people. Don G. Campbell wrote about it in his book, The Mozart Effect. According to Campbell, music has the power to affect people both mentally and physically. Go to any dance club or jazz concert and you will understand why.

Now a retired psychologist, Dr. LaRee Naviaux, in conjunction with the Mountain Stage (West Virginia) Music Director, Ron Sowell, are hoping that their music will help people to find their inner quiet space and help counter the effects a fast paced technological world can have on an individual. In this West Virginia Public Broadcasting article by Mona Seghatoleslami, the meditation music collaboration is explained.

“There are many forms of meditation that you just breathe and follow your breath and that is the essence of what I felt and I began to feel that I wanted to share that with other people.  You can do it on your own, the music helps and the singing helps. But you can also learn to be quiet and let your thoughts that are like monkeys in a tree just fade away and get to a quiet place.”

Read (and hear) more about the In This Moment meditation project here.

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