Music Meditation Aids in Relieving Fibromyalgia

Meditation | Find Relief From Fibromyalgia With Music MeditationIt’s common knowledge that listening to music can change a person’s mood. Whether the intention is to get your energy moving or helping you to get in touch with your feelings (ie: sad songs say so much), music therapy can be extremely powerful when it comes to lifting you up or letting you down. But did you know that music can also help a person relieve several mental and physical issues like pain, depression, and anxiety?

Rick Nauert pens this recent Psych Central post on the effectiveness of music to your overall health when combined with other healing methods like meditation and relaxation techniques. According to Nauert, who bases his article on new research from the University of Granada, the study which combined music with guided imagery was given to individuals suffering from long-term, body-wide pain.

Experts believe use of music therapy and guided imagery allows people to have more control over their body, thereby enhancing personal well-being.

The research was conducted with patients suffering from fibromyalgia from the provinces of Granada, Almería and Córdoba, Spain. Study participants were evaluated at the beginning of the treatment, four weeks after the intervention, and eight weeks after the intervention, at the end of the study.

The researchers utilized a relaxation technique based on guided imagery and music therapy to patients.

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