Music Meditation Benefits And The Power Of Healing

Meditation Benefits | Use Music Meditation To Benefit Your 7 ChakrasIt’s no big shock to learn that music promotes healing. I mean come on, who hasn’t listened to some uplifting tunes when one finds themselves a bit down, or a sad song to help get in touch with the powerful emotions that most don’t care to show to often to the world. That said, why does music have this effect? And when it comes to music and meditation, is this something that you should be considering in your own practice?

Checkout this recent Epoch Times post on music meditation and the power of healing. According to Kati Turcu, there’s quite a science behind music and its ability to promote healing. Frequencies contained within each musical note have the power to influence our body and our body’s subtle energy system, also known as chakras.

According to Indian tradition “the different sounds produce different frequencies that influence the different cells in our body. It is said that the frequencies of the musical notes actually match the frequencies of the chakras—there are seven major chakras in the body and so we have seven major notes in the musical scale. Rebalancing and the purification of the chakra system is brought about when it comes into balance.”

The point? Consider adding some music every now and then when you’re taking that journey within. Read more from Turcu on the benefits of music meditation and healing here.

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