Music Meditation To Ignite Your Chakras

Meditation Benefits | A Music Meditation Can Improve Concentration And CreativityMeditation comes in many forms. And meditation through music is one of the most powerful. Maybe it’s because music inspires our sense of creativity, or because certain music has a way of transforming and improving one’s overall health and well being (see Mozart Effect). Regardless, using music to cultivate meditation can have profound effect on many levels.

Checkout this recent Times of India post from Kevin Lobo on how music influences the chakra system. According to Lobo, music can help to regulate blood pressure, slow down one’s heart beat, and help with concentration. Moreover, certain instruments can have specific effect when it comes to your 7 chakras.

Santoor: Higher intuition

The santoor might also belong to the classical realm, but the sound it makes interacts with the body very differently. The santoor enhances the intuitive aspect of a person. The high notes of the santoor have an effect on the Ajna chakra in the head. It also helps in relieving nausea, vomiting and chronic pain.

Drums: Mental anchor

All percussive instruments have an earthy sound, it roots you. Percussions in Indian traditions have a direct effect on the Mooladhar chakra which deals with grounding a person. If you are rooted through rhythm, your mind patterns get regulated. There is a reason why wars around the world carried drums with them. These instruments can give confidence to a dull mind, they are the best cure for mental slowness and lack of concentration. Also, remembering drum patterns while learning the instrument increases your memory.

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