Noticing The Texture Of Life Through Meditation

While much has been said as to the benefits that a solid meditation practice can have on your health and well being, one benefit that isn’t necessarily shouted too often is how meditation can help a person notice the subtleties of life. Just imagine all that you do in a given day. How aware are you really of all your comings and goings?

In this latest post from Susan Scott Morales, the practice of non-judgemental meditation as a way to take stock of yourself and your life is discussed. According to the Ann Arbor post, rather than just becoming aware of your thoughts, be curious about them.

What are your patterns? Do you always go to your problems at work, or do you fantasize about where you’d rather be? Neither is right or wrong.

By being curious about your thoughts you can begin to see their true nature — they just happen. That’s the brain’s job: to think.

And more importantly you become aware that there is a part of you that exists outside your thoughts — that “you” are not your thoughts. You can decide to change your thoughts. Perhaps you’ll realize you have more control over your thinking than you ever realized.

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