Nottingham Meditation Caves

Meditation | Practice Meditation In SilenceWhere do you like to practice meditation? In your living room, at the beach, or perhaps in a cave?

We all know that it’s not about where you practice or even what kind of meditation form you use to journey within and connect to that sacred space. The point is to practice, practice, and practice. That said, the type of meditation and where you do it can most definitely influence the experience.

Now this is cool.

Checkout this recent BBC News post on a group of Buddhist monks in England who are planning to use a Nottingham cave under their meditation center as a non-religious space in which to practice meditation. The cave will be open to the general public.

“The idea of the cave, which will be open to everybody, is to try and provide a very particular ambience that will enable meditation practitioners to simply be with themselves,” said Venerable Van Gordon.

He added that traditionally, it was not uncommon for a meditation practitioner to spend many years living in a cave or forest.

“The cave in Nottingham will provide a flavour of what it might be like in such a setting. The only difference being that we will recommend practitioners meditate in the cave for one or two hours rather than one or two years,” he said.

The monks said they moved to the city because of the non-religious meditation programme they had developed in conjunction with Nottingham Trent University.

The monks hope the meditation cave will be open to the public by August.

Read more on the Nottingham meditation cave here.

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