One Woman’s Meditation Journey To Save Her Life

Meditation | Find The Symbolic Meaning To Cancer With MeditationAlthough we all know that meditation can reduce blood pressure and decrease anxiety, plus help with depression, and teach you how to better deal with people and their differing personalities, the benefits of a meditation practice really hit home when it’s needed to save your life.

Checkout this recent Wilton Villager post about Sara Avant Stover and her use of meditation and other holistic healing methods after her diagnosis with pre-cancerous cells of the cervix. In her latest book, The Way of The Happy Woman: Living the Best Year of Your Life, Stover talks about her unsustainable lifestyle and it’s effect on her life. According to Stover, who directs her empowering message to women, life today goes against our body’s natural rhythm. As a result, we end up depleted and susceptible to getting sick.

“The way I was living was unsustainable if I didn’t change from the inside out,” says Stover.

Stover calls silence and solitude the essential ingredients that women need for health and happiness.

“You can combine both of these in a minimum of 10 minutes of meditation every day,” she says. “And by meditation I mean sitting quietly with your eyes closed and feeling the rising and falling of your breath.”

Stover’s book focuses on how our ancestors lived in accordance with daily, seasonal and yearly rhythms. Over time, modern life has overridden these natural cycles. Stover says, “Just like the four seasons in nature, we need cycles of blooming, maturation, decay, death and rebirth. We need the full circle of life for true happiness to take root within us. It’s not sustainable to go full throttle day after day.”

Read more about Stover, her book, and her use of meditation to save her life here.

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