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Meditation Benefits | Use Online Meditation Resources To Realize The Benefits Of MeditationThey are many people out there that want to practice meditation but unfortunately lack the structure and motivation in which to actually sit down for 15 to 20 minutes and silently focus within. Regardless of all the positive health benefits that meditation offers, these people just can’t seem to drag themselves or rather focus themselves enough to simply meditate. Not to worry, there’s a solution!

Checkout this recent Barrie Examiner post from Johnny Glanville on a valuable online meditation website called Do As One that helps people meditate and focus on their breath. According to Glanville, although meditation occurs quite naturally in children, as adults we must be purposeful in our attempt to cultivate a healthy state of contemplation.

One of the hardest aspects of meditation is to remain focused, and breathing is the trick to this. If you can focus on your breathing, it becomes easier to slip from terra firma to nirvana.

A friend recommended I visit a website that brings people from around the planet to breath together. It’s called Do As One and it features a breathing room with an expanding and contracting heart. Included is a countdown of seconds until your next inhale with numerous colours to choose for your meditative practice.

One visit to this room made a huge difference. For the beginner breather, it’s like riding a bike with training wheels. For the accomplished, it offers a unique experience of using technology against itself in humanity’s race for salvation during crucial moments in our collective history.

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