Orgasmic Meditation

Meditation | Practice Mindfulness During Sex To Achieve Deeper OrgasmOne of the main goals in any meditation practice is to get out of the results. Meaning, the journey of meditation isn’t to get anywhere specific. Rather, meditation is the opportunity to sink into pure awareness. Free from the story placed on experience by the ego, meditation grants a person the chance to feel how blissful life can be.

In a recent ABC News post, Susan Donaldson James introduces us to Nicole Daedone, a San Francisco based feminist and author of “Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm.” According to Daedone, by using a technique called orgasmic meditation, a woman can achieve orgasm in as little as 15 minutes. The gist? Although climax is a part of orgasm, it isn’t necessarily the goal. By placing attention mindfully on the body’s sensations (minus the monkey mind’s narrative) during intimate moments, women can access deeper physical and spiritual connections during sex.

Orgasmic meditation “takes the goal out of sex,” she said. “There is no requirement to have a climax. The man and the woman connect in a way that is very relaxing and easy and simple for her…All she has to do is lie back and receive.”

The climax is, “neither here nor there,” said Notaras.

Applying the practice can keep women in a continuous state of orgasm, for months, according to the book.

“We are taking the idea of orgasm and expanding it,” she said. ‘Orgasm is what drives our lives. When we actually put our desire at the forefront, life becomes orgasmic.”

Read more from Daedone on orgasmic meditation here.

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