Practicing A Simple Chakra Meditation

Meditation | Balance Your Chakras With A Chakra MeditationFor some, the whole chakra-energy-system thing is confusing. When it comes down to it, those of us in the West aren’t accustomed to viewing the body as an energy system. Rather, from a very early age we are taught that when you get sick, you go to the doctor to get fixed. Now whether or not you’re at a point in your life where you are beginning to question this type of (ir)rational thinking, at the very least, taking the time to learn about the chakras and to practice a chakra meditation will help you to get more connected to your body…and that’s a good thing.

Annelies Hilgers pens this recent Global Oneness post about the 7 chakras and how a simple chakra meditation can help a person to resolve the stress that might be interfering with one’s overall happiness and well being.

Sit in a chair with your back straight. Close you eyes and breathe naturally for a few minutes. From the root chakra until the crown chakra you imagine that the chakra is a ball of clear white light.

The root chakra is at the end of your spine, at you tailbone. It shines towards every side. Let the root chakra be a ball of white light.

The second chakra, the sex chakra is located just under your navel. Imagine that your second chakra is a ball of white light.

The third chakra, the solar plexus chakra is the centre of your body. Visualise this chakra as a ball of white light.

The fourth chakra is your heart chakra. Imagine that your heart chakra sends shining white light in all directions.

Next we have the throat chakra. Imagine it as a ball of whit light.

The sixth chakra, the third eye. Is between your eyes, a little above them. Visualise al shining white light coming from it.

The seventh chakra is the crown chakra on the top of your head, a little towards the back. Also imagine this chakra to be a shining light.

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