Practicing Vedanta Yoga And Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Strengthen Your MindIn her continuing series on Hindu yoga and meditation, Susan Bryan of the Albuquerque Examiner concentrates on Vedanta yoga.

Bryan breaks down the five principles of the practice (exercise, breathing, relaxation, diet, thinking and meditation) and goes into detail as to the benefits of a well disciplined practice: increased mental and spiritual capacities, proper circulation, a positive view on life and a peaceful mind.

Included in any Vedanta practice is meditation which is meant to strengthen the mind and provide mental peace. According to Bryan, Vedanta helps individuals move from confusion and separation to liberation and self-knowledge.

All yogas lead a person from bondage to genuine, as opposed to theoretical or theological, freedom.  Vedanta sings out:  “Truth is one!”  Vedanta proclaims:  Spirit (God) alone abides.  The physical, time-and-space world is a manifestation of Spirit.  The Spirit and the soul are of the same essence.  Only this realization of our identity can liberate us and end our suffering.

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