PTSD And Self Hypnosis

Meditation | A Meditation Practice Or Hypnosis Can Be Helpful With Symptoms Of PTSDWhereas most people associate post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD with individuals returning from war, researchers and the general public are now beginning to take notice that the effects of PTSD can occur in anyone, including children, exposed to overwhelmingly stressful situations. One thing to remember when it comes to PTSD is that stress is subjective. Not all people are affected by situations in the same way. Long term negative effects occur when a particular individual’s stress response (their flight or flight) becomes overwhelmed or damaged.

This recent Our Kids post takes a look at the effects of PTSD and how self hypnosis can help to relax that body and mind enough to begin to change a person’s response to previously stressful situations. Self hypnosis, similar to meditation, is about learning to calm down.

Eventually I was getting treatment for having post-traumatic stress disorder and someone told me that poor digestion and headaches (I have those too – yay) are classic signs of post-traumatic stress. While in treatment I asked any professional I could about what to do and they didn’t know. FINALLY someone told me that they did hypnosis and that might be able to help. I’d never been able to do meditation or anything like that in a room of other people so I had little faith that it would work. That said, I was so tired of having to eat (terrible) food while those around me ate normal food that I would have dressed as a carrot for a month if it would’ve helped! Obviously, I was ready to try anything.

Up until then, when I thought about hypnosis, I thought of people being on stage and being told that they were “getting sleepy.” Then they’d do ridiculous stuff in front of tons of people that they would never do ordinarily. The specialist who recommended I try it with her told me that it wasn’t like that at all and that anyone under hypnosis is in complete control of their actions. The key part of what makes hypnosis work is that it helps you get as relaxed as possible so that messages can be channeled to your subconscious without your normal self-talk getting in the way.

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