Putting Meditation To The Test

Meditation | Find Meaning And Purpose By Practicing MeditationLife is challenging. I feel safe enough in saying that statement. That said, are you the type of person who takes those challenges and becomes consumed by the victim archetype, constantly complaining to yourself and those around you of the sad state of the world? Or are you the hero of your own life, using meditation and other enlightening methods to find purpose and meaning even in those seemingly darkest of days?

Jennifer Repo shares her own heroic journey in this latest Huffington Post. Repo, who ventured to India to practice yoga and meditation returned home only to find that her retina was detached and that she would need three surgeries to repair the damage. Caveat: the surgeries would leave her totally dependent on family and friends. The gift? She found meaning and purpose in her condition.

I’m not married so I relied on my family and friends to help take care of me. And did they ever. I thought about the metaphorical meanings of my eye problems. Detachment. The veil of ignorance being lifted. A new vision. The dissolution of “eye/I.” In our studies of Eastern religion and philosophy, many of us Westerners struggle to “detach” from that which brings us suffering. During my morning meditations, I started to realize that it wasn’t detachment that was going on.

This was about “re-attachment.” I found myself being overwhelmed with gratitude from the help of my friends. Real, heartfelt gratitude. Was it possible I was “attaching” to that love? I’ve always kept myself at a distance from people. I could go on and on about why, about how my childhood upbringing conditioned me to keep people at arm’s length. But who cares, really? I was experiencing something new and “seeing” love in a different way. Open and soft, I cherished the love that surrounded me.

Read more of Repo’s heroic journey with meditation here.

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