Raj Yoga Meditation And The Art Of Staying Grounded

Meditation | Cultivate A Calm And Centered Mind With MeditationOne goal for most people who practice meditation is the ability to stay grounded and sane even when life appears to throw that dreaded curve ball. In fact, one byproduct of meditation is learning the skills needed in which to remain centered even during those trying times when it feels that one’s world is spinning completely out of control. Being able to detach (with love) depends upon many factors, not the least of which is a person’s addiction to expectations, and in that, the need to control life. Master that and you’ll stand a good chance at disengaging even when your world doesn’t behave according to plan.

Sanjay Sharma pens this latest Times of India post on 96 year-old Dadi Janki, head of the spiritual movement Brahma Kumari. The article recounts a recent Texas University study that monitored Janki’s brain waves and found that the meditator emits delta waves even during trying times. Why is this important? Because it’s indicative of a calm and centered brain. Her secret? Raj Yoga meditation and an awareness of how much time people spend criticizing others rather than focusing on oneself; a lot of wasted energy that keeps a person stuck in the past or fixated on the future.

A study was conducted on her brain waves by theTexas University only to find that she emits delta waves even at trying times, leaving examiners surprised. She attributes her mental state to Raj Yoga meditation. Sharing tips for a calm mind, she said, “We waste a lot of time criticizing others instead of focusing on ourselves.”

For her, “Negativity is wasting energy,” and she lives in this moment, worrying neither for the past nor future. She gets up at 3am and goes to bed around 10pm and conducts lectures, does meditation and meets people except for lunch break even at this age. She is often asked where does she gets her energy from, to which Dadi replies, “I receive blessings of God in abundance in the form of energy and distribute it in the same measure amongst people.”

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