Reclaim Your Authenticity With A Laughter Meditation

Meditation | Reclaim Your Authentic Self By Learning To MeditateOne of the biggest drawbacks in getting older is how, with each passing year, a person gets further away from that carefree state they experienced as a child, when their only responsibility was to have fun, play, and laugh. The good news is that passing time doesn’t necessarily mean that the state is no longer accessible. Rather, more time passed simply necessitates practices like meditation to help a person access those resources which are sometimes buried deep.

Pragito Dove, in this recent Intent post, talks about her own experience with rekindling her authentic laugh by practicing a laughter meditation with her son. According to Dove, the exercise not only drew her closer to him, but it also reconnected her to the innate happiness she was born with that was simply buried under a pile of stress and anxiety.

Here’s the meditation:

Children’s Two-Minute Laughter Meditation


The first step helps children – and you as well- to release a lot of tension, and the second step brings centering and grounding. Try this meditation with your children.Vary the length of time depending on the ages, personalities, and schedule you have to work with.


You and the children shout “yahoo!” three times, and then burst out laughing. Do it for one or two minutes.


Ring a chime or bell(better than shouting out “stop” which can be jarring) and have the kids sit or lie down quietly for one or two minutes. The more you do this with them, the more they will get into the rhythm and idea of it, and you might be able to try four minutes of each step, depending on your situation.

Allow the same amount of time for each step. Allow the children to continue to laugh in the silent step until the laughter dies down naturally. Try and make sure they have their eyes closed but don’t force.

Read more from Dove on her experience with laughter meditation here.

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