Reducing Road Rage With Meditation

Meditation Benefits | Reduce Instances Of Road Rage By Practicing MeditationIf you live in a major metropolitan city like Los Angeles, driving is a necessity. Problem is that it’s not only a necessity for you, but also for the almost 4 million other people who choose to inhabit these 468 square miles. Thank God for meditation. And while I’m not suggesting that you attempt to close your eyes and focus within while driving down the 405 at 5pm on a Monday (or at any time for that matter), cultivating a sense of mindfulness, focus, and presence while driving will not only reduce your frustration and anger toward others, but it will give you a good excuse not to ruminate on any unfortunate happenings of the day.

Gina Roberts-Grey takes a look at road rage tips in this recent Fox Business post. According to Roberts-Grey, who interviews a NY cabbie for her story, meditation practiced before one drives can greatly reduce frustration behind the wheel.

Mind over matter

If you can make it through a day without crashing in New York City, you can make it anywhere. Solomon Diallo, a Big Apple cabbie, starts his day with a clear mind.

“I meditate for a few minutes before I get into the vehicle. I like to get into a mindful state so I can prepare for whatever may be on the road.”

Diallo says that meditation helps him brush off rude road hogs and pushy pedi-cabs — and a few cheap fares, too.

“I’m not upset or very stressed before I even get on the road. That helps me ignore or brush off a lot of things.”

Read more from Roberts-Grey on using meditation to combat road rage here.

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