Regulate Your Senses With Meditation

Meditation | Slow Down The Neurochemical Processes In Your Brain With MeditationSeems that everyday something comes out talking about the positive effects meditation can have on your life. Yes, we all know that it can help with stress and anxiety, but the point is, meditation regulates a person’s brain waves such that the body is affected. In turn, change occurs. You’ve got to admit, there’s something magical that takes place when you take the pressure off that amazing piece of machinery on top of your shoulders. I mean come on, everything’s gotta rest every once and a while.

Jeanne Millsap pens this recent Herald News post on the positive benefits of meditation. According to Millsap, whose article focuses on Christine Daniel, a behavioral health liaison nurse with Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center and recent research findings published in the latest Brain Research Bulletin medical journal, meditation slows down the neurochemical processes firing in a person’s brain. The post also points out that a meditation practice is different for everyone. That said, the key to obtaining results from meditation is finding a practice that enables one to focus within.

Daniel emphasized those with serious medical problems should consult a physician, rather than try meditation first, but meditation in conjunction with medications and other therapy can work wonders.

Meditation is different for everyone, but Daniel said one thing all the various techniques have in common is to seek a quiet place within the mind.

“Some people start with prayer,” she said. “Some people have to be in a dark room. Some people can do it in a park. People find their own way to get into that quiet place within themselves.”

To achieve the most with meditation, Daniel advised doing it on a daily basis, even if only for five minutes, and to be consistent with it. It’s going to take some time to learn how to quiet your mind, she said.

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