Relaxation Technique For Public Speaking

For many people, public speaking presents their greatest fear. In a world where we are more often judged by our outsides rather than our insides, it’s no wonder why. Subject to possible ridicule, most people would rather run down the street naked than contend with being criticized by their peers for saying the wrong thing.

In this Ezine article by Nelson Berry, the subject of self hypnosis is explored as a possible relaxation technique and anxiety solution for public speakers. According to Berry, despite having a bad rap for its association with black magic, when self hypnosis is performed correctly it allows a person to tap into the subconscious as a means to heal the root cause of public speaking jitters.

You may ask, “What’s the relationship between public speaking anxiety and the supposed root cause?” There’s the belief that you just don’t get scared for no reason. There’s a possibility you’re scared to speak in front of the public because you’re traumatized. You might have fallen from the stage, experienced getting harsh words from the audience, or forgotten your lines. And because they are too bad memories, you want to push them way back in your mind, so you don’t remember them. Thus, they get stored in the subconscious, and you no longer become aware of them.

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