Removing Dogma From Meditation

Time and time again, a beginning meditator will ask what’s the best path to take to do meditation correctly. Ask well seasoned meditators and they will say that its not about the type of practice. Rather, correct meditation is about removing the dogma that surrounds many meditation practices and finding the path that speaks to you.

Sharon Salzberg, author and co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society believes that the best meditation practice isn’t one where you pull out your meditation rig and make a spectacle of yourself. Instead, the most helpful meditation is any practice where you can tune in and connect (even one where no one knows you are meditating).

Most important to any practice is to check your expectations. Salzberg, in this PBS article, professes that distraction doesn’t mean failure.

We all get distracted, and I think it’s important to realize that it’s normal, it’s natural, it’s not a sign of failure, it doesn’t mean you are doing badly, because I would say the critical moment in the meditation in that way is the moment we realize we’ve been distracted, and that is a moment where it is so common to just berate ourselves and condemn ourselves and carry on for a very long time, whereas we have this opportunity to just let go and to begin again. So beginning again is, I would say, the essence of the transformation of meditation.

Read more about Salzberg here.

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