Removing Dogma Through Meditation

Meditation | Meditation Provides The Means To Right ActionsLet’s face it, religious dogma imparts a sense of safety that enables many to live their lives effectively. Passed down over thousands of years, dogma provides the roadmap to achieve salvation to those who either lack direction or need salvation in the first place. That said, unfortunately, religious dogma is based on a “one size fits all” rationale that neglects individuality, and I would argue responsibility. That it, responsibility for one to decide how one wants to live life based on self reflection through practices like meditation, rather than because someone said that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Clare Polencheck introduces us to Mother Clare Watts in this latest Elephant Journal post. Watts, an ordained Priest and Master Teacher, discusses her views on the school of karma vs. the school of dogma, the former promoting the ultimate in self responsibility – a life lived based on reflecting upon the results of one’s actions. In doing so, according to Watts, a person begins to experience the laws of the universe rather than the laws of man. Using self reflective practices such as meditation allows one to seek and find one’s truth and experience what Watts calls ecstatic joy.

Read more about Mother Clare Watts on removing dogma through self reflective practices like meditation here.

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