Running With The Mind Of Meditation

Meditation | Combine Meditation And Running To Stay In Your Body And In The MomentIf you’ve been around meditation for a while, you know that the practice can be incorporated into pretty much anything. Hence the term mindfulness. For many of us, bringing a sense of mindfulness into our daily activities is a life-long challenge. The truth is, however, the more mindful people can be in their lives, the happier and more centered they are.

Now take the practice of meditation and running. This is exactly what the Shambhala Mountain Center northwest of Fort Collins, a retreat in Boulder, Colorado is doing, and has been doing for a while. Building on the fact that meditation isn’t about leaving your body for a far-out-there state of mind, by cross-relating the two, running becomes the practice of staying in your body, and in the moment. The concept is introduced in this recent Daily Camera post.

Perhaps the close connection between running and meditation should not surprise us, Pratt, a marathoner for more than 30 years and meditator for nearly 20, told me when I asked him a while ago how running and meditation are related. Said Pratt, who recently spoke at the San Francisco Marathon about running and meditation: “Meditation is very much a body-oriented discipline. It is not about leaving your body and entering some celestial realm. It is about relating to the here and now which we experience through our five senses. So in meditation we learn to let go of our thoughts and come back to our body.”

Kibiloski echoed this in an interview Sunday. “There is sometimes a mystique around meditation, something exotic about it.”

Not, so, the 2:23 marathoner added: “Meditation is simply about noticing. The mind is like a muscle, and as you practice meditation, you get better at it. You begin to notice. What Jon is good at is showing how there is not a right way or a wrong way to meditate. It is simply noticing.”

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