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Meditation | Find A Meditation Teacher To Help You Go DeeperFor most, meditation is a disciplined practice, constantly changing and evolving over time. Helpful on the journey is a grounded teacher who can help chart the waters with you as you begin to explore your inner being and face challenges which are sure to deter even the strongest of egos.

Sally Kempton in her two interviews with Buddhist Geeks uses the opportunity not only to talk about her new book, Meditation: For the Love of it, but also to share with us her spiritual roots in the Hindu tantra tradition of Kashmir Shaivism and the challenges she has faced on her own meditation path.

So, very often we meditate for a purpose. Perhaps in the beginning we get into it to feel better, which is certainly what I did. And if we go on we mediate for spiritual unfoldment, ultimately for enlightenment in whatever way we define that. But there’s another approach to meditation which doesn’t leave out the ones that I mentioned, but which you meditate because you are actually having a fabulous time exploring the inner world, exploring your own being, exploring your own consciousness. And for me a real turning point in my practice was recognizing that meditation is something that I did because I was in love with inner world. And the book is set up to help people come to that recognition, to that understanding. That meditation along with the results and benefits can be a profound recreational activity.

Find more information on Sally Kempton’s shift from swami to teacher here. Find her second interview in which she speaks to her deepening on the path here.

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  1. wendy says:

    just read your articlae in yoga journal about pleasure – an amazing and new unerstanding for me – thanks for your insights