Seeking Individuality Through Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Connect To Your IndividualityApart from the amazing physical and emotional benefits that meditation offers, there rests something much more profound going on in meditation if you’re paying attention. Individuality. And although we live in a society that shuns narcissism, yet weirdly lifts certain individuals to great heights (only to watch them fall, mind you), connecting to one’s individuality through meditation can be a source of great joy and happiness.

Checkout this recent Elephant Journal post from Brian Culkin who beautifully covers the distinction between seeking individuality versus seeking identity in an effort to rest in the timeless state of being-ness. According to Culkin, many confuse the two paths, the latter being equated with the ego while the former is without location and simply is. Practices like yoga and meditation help one to navigate through their egos to connect to this formless state.

In order to experience individuality, one must work through the perceived problems or karma of their identity.

Yoga, meditation or any life encompassing practice could be said to be nothing more than a path for one to work through the times, places, forms and events of their identity in order to experience their true nature or individuality.

Those two simple, yet incredibly powerful words: I Am. The manifestations of heightened spiritual awareness, and the knowledge, ability and creativity that go along with it are a function of individuality.

The average human being thinks only in terms of identity, what they can become rather than what they already are. They think in terms of identification with forms and time.

To think exclusively in terms of individuality, in being-ness, is the mark of a highly sane, rational and compassionate being.

Read more from Culkin on using meditation to connect to your individuality here.

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