Seeking Pure Awareness Through Meditation

Meditation | Awaken The Nervous System With MeditationIf you’re a seasoned meditator, you know at some point in your daily meditation practice that the tipping point is going to occur. What I’m referring to is the moment when a person switches from being their thoughts to watching them. Ah, the sweet bliss of an unengaged monkey mind!

Checkout this recent Care 2 post from Deepak Chopra. Speaking to the idea that meditation and yoga can help one to experience pure awareness, Chopra discusses how pure awareness is best represented by the space between two thoughts. Referred to by some as the womb of possibility, pure awareness is the moment prior to creation.

Pure awareness exists in the gap between thoughts; it is the unchanging background against which all mental activity takes place. We would not ordinarily suspect that such a state exists because our minds are so preoccupied with the stream of thoughts, wishes, dreams, fantasies, and sensations that fill waking consciousness. That is why the ancient Indian sages had to devise the specific technique of meditation, in order to show the mind its own origins in the quantum depths.

Sitting in meditation with the eyes closed induces the nervous system to enter a state of “restful alertness” – i.e., the mind remains awake while the body goes into a deeply relaxed state.

Read more from Chopra on using meditation to access pure awareness here.

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