Self Hypnosis In Action

If you’ve been around meditation for a while you know that many of your actions are done unconsciously. Don’t believe me, try to stop thinking. Still don’t believe me, ask yourself the question, “who makes my heart beat?” Now whether or not I’ve succeeded in convincing you that a lot of things operate outside of your control, trust me that in order to change how you typically react to things you are going to need to do a little soul searching.

John Cleesattel, in a recent HypnoThoughts post, shares his own experience with using self hypnosis to change his reaction to stress, anxiety, and concern while on a trip to Rome. Whether you believe in self hypnosis as a means to change or not, the article is a good reminder that checking in with yourself can help a person to overcome potentially difficult situations.

I needed an attitude adjustment bad. I have done self hypnosis on a regular basis just to relax before bed, now it was time to push the envelope.

I took myself into trance and called a manager’s meeting. I spoke to the parts of me that were driving the concern and worry. I explained that I had no control over the circumstances and it was going to be several hours before I could do what needed to be done. On the other hand, I was on a once in a lifetime adventure that I currently couldn’t enjoy because of all the feelings I was being provided with. I made an agreement that I would take care of all the issues that were the source of the worry as soon as I was able, but I asked to be able to enjoy the day for the wonderful adventure and unique opportunity that it was. The managers agreed.

I ended up having a wonderful day. The best of the whole trip. After we got to Rome and to our room, I fulfilled my part of the agreement.

Read more about self hypnosis and Cleesattel’s trip to Italy here.

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  1. Russell Hansen says:

    If there is a condition of the mind, that desires healing. 1. allow healing to take place. 2. Thank your higher power. 3. Thank people for being apart of your life, and realize you also have the power of God to facilitate healing.. Healing will take place because I care and you believe.