Self Hypnosis Meditation Benefits Sleep

Meditation Benefits | Self Hypnosis And Meditation Can Change Your Sleeping HabitsIf you’re familiar with your unconscious mind, as opposed to the conscious mind which is reading these words, you know that there is a whole other world going on inside of you that controls many of your behaviors and actions. Accessed through techniques such as meditation and self hypnosis, entry into the unconscious can reveal many things which drive the things you like about yourself as well as those things which you don’t care much for.

Checkout this recent Tree post on using self hypnosis, a meditation of sorts, as a way to help improve your sleeping habits. According to the article, by using self hypnosis a person can get at those thoughts, anxieties, and fears which might be preventing one from a restful night’s sleep. The article includes the below referenced self hypnosis exercise.

How To Use Hypnosis For Sleep

First, lie down in a comfortable position, take deep breaths and release them slowly. After you feel relaxed, tighten and release the muscles in your lower back, stomach and chest. As you continue to breathe slowly, become aware of your body and how you are taking in, and then releasing, air.

Now, use your imagination to lead yourself on a journey through a peaceful place, such as a garden. You can also envision a place that has special meaning to you; somewhere you feel most comfortable and at peace. Picture this place vividly in your mind as you continue to experience a different level of relaxation. Pay attention to the sounds, feelings and sights you see in your mind relating to this place.

Then, find a place in your mind to lie down in the place you’re envisioning. For example, if you’re in a garden, picture yourself lying down under the shade of a tree among the flowers. At this point, you may fall asleep during your self-hypnosis for sleep exercise. If not, continue to breathe deeply, picturing yourself sleeping until you fall asleep.

If this doesn’t work, you may want to try a different self-hypnosis technique for sleep that will better suit you. Some self-hypnosis exercises may work better for you than others.

Using hypnosis to sleep can benefit both your mind and body. If you are one of the many people who suffer from sleeping problems, self-hypnosis may help you on your way to a better night’s rest.

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