Self Hypnosis Meditation Provides The Ultimate Stress Relief

Meditation | A Self Hypnosis Meditation Helps You To Access Your Subconscious MindI think it’s pretty safe to say that stress is the number one killer in the United States (and probably the whole world). What other condition causes more mental, physical, and spiritual maladies? Not only does stress lead to poor relationships between others and within oneself, but it can also be attributed to heart problems, addictions, and cancer.

Chelsea Naso pens this recent Matawan-Aberdeen Patch post on Rosemary Conte, a clinical hypnotherapist who uses self hypnosis meditation to help people heal from the effects of stress. According to Conte, self hypnosis allows a person to reach deep within their subconscious to the root of one’s stressors and the heart of one’s resources. Conte combines clinical hypnosis with emotional freedom techniques (EFT) and neurolinguistic psychology (NLP).

“What makes it a hypnotic state is that you’ve stopped all that chatter, all that traffic or noise so now your mind is clear,” Conte said.

Conte practices clinical hypnosis, emotional freedom techniques (EFT) and neurolinguistic psychology (NLP) from her home.

According to Conte, hypnosis is actually about relaxing enough to reach into the subconcious part of the mind to uncover the root of problems or stressers.

People seek hypnosis and hypnotherapy for a wide variety of reasons. Some are physical, including smoking cessation, chronic pain and relaxation techniques for childbirth; while others are emotional, like insomnia or dealing with the emotional aftermath of abuse.

“It’s actually a perfectly safe state of mind,” she said. According to Conte, even in the state of relaxation the person under hypnosis is always in control. She simply guides them through their own subconcious.

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