Several Christian Thoughts On Meditation

While for some the verdict is still out as to whether or not the practice of meditation in some way goes against Christian tradition, for others, besides all the potential physical and mental benefits, meditation helps them to get closer to God. Regardless of where your opinions fall, this latest Winnipeg Sun post from Leon Fontaine is worth a gander.

According to Fontaine, the word meditate appears twenty times in the Bible in reference to meditating on God’s word. Now while that could mean virtually anything, the point of meditation for Christians is to have better relationships, presence, and peace of mind.

In the article, Fontaine shares his own Christian experience with meditation citing that the practice helped him to deal with potential challenges and future choices. He also cites several biblical references having to do with the practice.

1. Christian meditation represents an expansion of the human personality towards the experience of a relationship with God. The Bible says to meditate on the goodness of God and on His word. Never does it say to meditate on nothing. Meditating is about moving toward God’s perfect love and discovering His perfect will for your life. Begin by reading a few verses of scripture, then shutting your eyes and letting the verse roll through your mind again and again.

2. The more you meditate, the more you will experience love. If you concentrate on how much a spouse or loved one means to you, your love for that person will expand. Much the same way, when you meditate on God’s love for you (read John 3:16) your love will grow.

3. Meditating makes your mind strong and not given to emotional decisions. Psalms 4:4 tells us to be “angry… and sin not.” Acting on emotional responses means giving in to anger, jealousy, fear, and rage. Meditating is the antidote to overcoming the urge to act on destructive emotions.

4. Meditation causes the spirit to search, not the senses. There are times when you need to give your senses a break and experience a deeper level of life. Coming into a place of peace and stillness is where you’ll hear God’s voice. It’s where you find strength to continue walking through adversity, discover inspiration, and become renewed in your desires. Meditation is where you shut your mind down, slow your body, and experience God’s perfect love for you.

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